Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Professional in Lewisham

People in Lewisham, as everywhere in the UK, like to have carpets in their home due to many reasons. These valuable pieces add to the coziness, comfort and style of the home. The problem is that they also might cause troubles if are left unclean. Besides the degrade in the carpet’s appearance, the dirty carpets hold in them a huge amount of dust, soil, grime, and dirt that predisposes to the multiplication of mites, allergens, and other harmful microorganisms. They not only deteriorate the indoor air quality, but also cause different health issues to the people, who live in that house.

To get rid of this potential hazard, people have to clean the carpets regularly, either by themselves or by hiring a carpet cleaning professional in Lewisham. Undoubtedly, professionals with do the work better ensuring that your house is risk free. Yet, if you prefer to perform the carpet cleaning on your own, you have to keep in mind the following things.

Things to keep in mind during the DIY carpet cleaning

Be aware that certain errors during the DIY carpet cleaning may completely ruin your expensive carpet. So before you start, consider the following:

  • Choose carefully the right cleaning solution that fits the specifics of your carpet. This is extremely important, as you do not want to cause discoloration or fibres decay. To start, read the label, left from the manufacturers. If there are instructions about cleaning, follow them. Before starting to clean with any cleaning solution, choose a small invisible area to test the solution on it. If no adverse reaction is seen, you are ready to clean with that solution the entire carpet.
  • It is next to possible to clean the carpet without a carpet cleaning machine. It might be almost as expensive to hire one as to hire professional carpet cleaners, who will save you all these hassles and time. The problem is that operating with such a machine can be quite troublesome, especially for an unexperienced person. It is heavy enough and statistics show that many people who tried to use it on their own end up with some kind of injuries.
  • Another caution is over-wetting the carpet during the cleaning process. This will lead to impossibility for quick drying and eventually in mould formation.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Lewisham

Knowing all this information, you will find a good reason to prefer professional carpet cleaning services instead of DIY carpet cleaning. Experienced carpet cleaners like Mvir Cleaning will save you a lot of troubles and stress. They will perform the carpet cleaning process accurately, ensuring the utmost quality. Using a steam carpet cleaner, they will eliminate all the hazards, hidden into the carpet’s fibres and will remove them along with the dirt, washing the fibres to the very bottom. There will be no residue left behind and the effect of carpet cleaning will last long. Their visit will take about an hour, saving you so much time, hassles and even money, that it is surely worth to prefer their professional cleaning services.

Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Lewisham

Although professional carpet cleaning in Lewisham is very popular, there are still people who prefer to do it on their own. The reason for this is obvious: they want to save some money, as the carpet cleaning services are not that cheap, especially if you have to clean multiple rooms. That is why, people who are on budget, prefer to perform this work on their own. Mvir Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company in the region that advises the customers who prefer DIY carpet cleaning on which is the best carpet cleaning solution in Lewisham.

A list of the best carpet cleaning solutions in Lewisham

The list of good cleaning solutions in Lewisham is quite extensive, but we have listed here 4 of the best carpet cleaning solutions in the local market. We preferred them, because all of them are green products that do not harm people, pets or environment. Green cleaning products have become a trend in the modern word in the common goal to prevent the global warming and to save the earth. This urged the manufacturers to make these green products as efficient as those that are full of chemicals.

Moreover, these products are children and pet friendly and do not trigger any deterioration in the health condition of people with chronic illnesses. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Begley’s Household Stain & Odour Remover

With a great combination of essential oils and enzymes, this solution emits an aroma with a therapeutic effect. All the other ingredients are plant based, so you can be sure in your safety. Moreover, this clearing product is great not only for cleaning carpets, but all other hard surfaces in the house. If you have a pet, you will not regret to use it. It will remove the stains that your pet has left and will deodorise the area, being completely harmless for your favourite animal.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

This is a carpet cleaning solution, which has baking soda in its base. It has to be sprinkled over the surface and left to dry completely. Then, you can vacuum the carpet to remove the dried baking soda along with the attracted dirt. This solution provides one of the simplest methods to clean your carpet on your own without too much hassles and it effectively removes quite a big portion of the dirt and dust. It will help in removing some of the stains, too.

Better Life Stain & Odour Eliminator

This is a great stain removing solution that serves as a botanical deodorizer, too. With its help, you can remove pet and food stains from the carpet’s surface. But it is also effective in laundry, furniture and sports gear cleaning. If you have blood stains or other tough stains on the carpet, you can try this solution.

Biokleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo

Along with carpets, this effective based-on-plants carpet cleaner allows you to clean pads and backings. It is concentrated 3x in one pack, which reduces the expenditure of valuable earth resources like electricity, fuel, etc.