We visited a client in London to clean his carpet

Why do clients in London choose us?

Mvir Cleaning becomes more and more popular in the carpet cleaning industry offering competitive prices for their high-quality cleaning services. People in London choose us because of the multiple benefits we offer them. These include: affordable rates and regular discounts, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, a guarantee for quality, a certified and licenced staff, time flexibility, as we work every single day of the week, and the fact that we chose to apply the best carpet cleaning method of all – the steam carpet cleaning.

One of our clients in London

We are going to share with you an experience with had recently with one of our customers in London. He called us one Sunday and asked us to come the same evening. That was not a problem for us, as we work in the weekends too. He told us that his carpet has not been cleaned for more than 2 years professionally and that there were some stains on the surface. So we prepared our equipment and cleaning solutions and went to his house.

It was clear that the carpet’s condition was neglected

The carpets looked dull and it almost lost its beautiful colours. If it was regularly vacuumed, it would not look so dull, but none in the house have had the time to take care of it. The dirt, soil from the shoes, mites and allergens have been accumulated inside and stains appeared in the surface making the whole room to look ugly. Moreover, the air quality was really bad and we explained the customer that this is all because of the carpet’s condition that needs regular carpet cleaning to preserve its high value.

Another thing we noticed and showed to the client was that the fibres at some places have started to tear. This was because of the sharp ends of the tiny soil particles, so regular vacuum cleaning is required to prevent their falling to the bottom. There were spills and stains of different origin that the client didn’t take care to treat immediately and they have become quite stubborn. We explained him that we are not able to completely remove them, as discoloration have already penetrated deep into the fabric, but we will do our best to improve those areas as much as possible.

In fact, it was really important to perform professional carpet cleaning, as the neglected carpet seriously threatened the health of people who live there. The client even said that their little son had some asthmatic cough that he recently got. We told him that after we complete our work, his condition should greatly improve.

We agreed on all details and started the work

We applied steam carpet cleaning method and after extracting the dirt and soil, the container was filled with black dirty water. We had to re-do the work to ensure that the carpet is indeed clean now. We treated the stains with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and they almost completely vanish. The client was very happy with the results and said he will recommend us to all his friends.

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