Who are the best carpet cleaning company in Richmond?

If you reside in Richmond, you probably wonder which of the multiple carpet cleaning companies is the best for you. If you do some online research, you will come across a big list of carpet cleaners that include London Carpet Cleaning LTD, Roger Garrett, Mvir Cleaning, Carpet Bright UK, etc. Let’s determine here to which of them it is worth to turn to.

How to recognize professional cleaners?

Before choosing the best company in your region, let us consider a few characteristics that distinguish professional carpet cleaners from the non-professional ones. Professional carpet cleaning companies in Richmond have in common these features:

  • Great customer support: professional cleaners provide client support by phone, as they know that there could always be some urgent situation that would need their immediate reaction.
  • A guarantee for quality: each professional company stays behind their services providing people a guarantee that they will be completely satisfied by the cleaning. If not, the company will redo the work.
  • Professional carpet cleaners take care of the health of their clients that is why they do not use chemicals in the cleaning process. There are so many eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions available today, which are very effective, that it is not worth of choosing a company that uses chemicals.
  • Their staff is certified, licensed, insured and well-trained, so they can handle carpets of any kind, no matter what specific cleaning approach should be taken.
  • The company applies the steam carpet cleaning method, which is known to be the most effective one, providing deep cleaning of all the carpet’s levels.
  • The company is available every day, so if you need them during the weekend, they could be there for you.

Why Mvir Cleaning?

Your chosen cleaning company should comply with all these points, otherwise you should choose another one. If you are in doubt of which of them to choose from the long local list, we propose you the Mvir Cleaning Company. This company has a great reputation among the local customers and serves both private people and commercial clients. This professional carpet cleaner provides a wide range of services that include rug and carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, oven cleaning, curtain cleaning, and end of tenancy cleaning.

If you have stains on your carpet or mattress that are caused by specific food, juice, coffee, blood, ink, vomit or urine, Mvir Cleaning technician will apply the right technique and cleaning solution to remove both the stain and the bad odor. They use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are not less effective than those packed with chemicals.

Their heavy-duty professional steam carpet cleaning machine features an industrial strength, so that you get the best possible cleaning results whatever cleaning service you need to order. The professional staff is even ready to apply end-of-tenancy cleaning that includes a long list of services. This package will prepare your house for the next tenants, who will hurry up to move in your beautiful clean house before someone else.

The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Richmond

Nowadays, DIY carpet cleaning is popular in Richmond, although most people know that at least once a year they should opt for professional carpet cleaning services. However, they could maintain the carpet’s great condition after professional services themselves taking a proper care of it. Unfortunately, vacuuming is not enough to provide the best maintenance, as stains could appear no matter how hard you try to avoid them. That is why people, opt for effective homemade carpet cleaning solutions that could help them deal with this issue.

Avoid timewasting and dangerous DIY carpet cleaning solutions

There are many receipts for DIY carpet cleaning online, but some of them are simply timewasters. Moreover, some homemade cleaning solutions may make the situation even worse by causing discolouring of your precious carpet. So how you could know which DIY homemade cleaning solution is both effective and safe enough?

Mvir Cleaning which operates in London and Richmond gives the answer to this question. You can make a very simple cleaning solution that contains common household products: white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.

How to prepare the solution?

Mixture that consists of white vinegar and baking soda is considered the most effective and safe carpet cleaning solution that you could make at home. Yet, always try the effect on a small unnoticeable area to see the effect, as there are some types of fibres that might change their colours. If nothing unusual happens, you can proceed with removing the stains on your carpet’s surface.

To apply it, place the mixture on an old toothbrush and work it into the stained fibres. Then, patiently wait for the paste to dry a few hours and with the help of the vacuum cleaner extract the dried paste. After vacuuming the paste, the stain should also be gone. If that will not happen, then hydrogen peroxide also needs to come into play.

In case, the stain is stubborn and is caused either by wine, coffee or chocolate, you can apply hydrogen peroxide directly on the affected spot. As soon as you do that, you will notice fizzing. Wait until it stops completely and then dab the stain with a clean rug. This procedure can be repeated as many times as needed for the stain to completely disappear.

When to call cleaning professionals?

If this second option doesn’t help too, you might need to turn to professional carpet cleaners in Richmond. Mvir Cleaning is experienced in stain removal and can provide you qualitative services that will make your carpet to look like new. No stains, no dust and dirt, no allergens and mites. The company applies a steam carpet cleaning method for deep cleaning.

Thanks to their experience and knowledge, they will know how to approach your carpet the best possible way. All the cleaning solutions they use are eco-friendly, so there will be no adverse reactions as a result of carpet cleaning. Mvir Cleaning offers a guarantee for their cleaning services and operates every single day to make their clients happy owners of clean carpets.