The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Wimbledon

The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Wimbledon


Many people in Wimbledon would like to save some money when it comes to carpet cleaning. They prefer to complete this work by themselves instead of hiring a carpet cleaning company. But the cleaning solutions offered on the market are not so effective or safe to use at home, so they prefer to make homemade cleaning solution for the carpet on their own.

In order to make the best ever homemade carpet cleaning solution in Wimbledon, they need to know what is the specific type of their carpet. This will save them a lot of troubles, as using inappropriate solution might ruin their valuable carpet and result in a big money loss.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution Based On Your Carpet’s Type

  • If your carpet is made from nylon, it is more stain resistant and durable. At the same time its fibres are soft.
  • In case your carpet is from polyester, you will enjoy its different colours for a very long time. It is eco-friendly, as it is made from recycled plastic bottles. But to preserve its great look, you should not place it on areas of high traffic. The fibres will soon get worn.
  • Polypropylene carpet and natural wool carpet have similar properties. They attract much soil and dirt and are prone to staining. Both of this types are costlier compared to the ones described above.
  • Cut carpet pile is a fragile carpet that is prone to staining, footprints and vacuum trails. Just like the soft Saxony carpet pile or plush carpet pile, these fibres can be worn or teared easy.
  • Not such is the case with the uncut carpet file or Berber pile. On the opposite, this carpet is much more durable and can be used for high traffic areas.
  • Frieze cut pile is a rather good carpet for high traffic and commercial use, as it is strong and durable.

Based on this information, now you know what kind of solution your carpet needs and how to maintain your carpet’s cleanness.

How to make the most appropriate carpet cleaning solution?

If your carpet is synthetic, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar with a ratio of 1 to 1. You can just add the ready solution to your carpet cleaner and go over the entire surface of the carpet. Be sure to not over wet it to prevent the risk of mould formation. In case you are not confident about how to perform the cleaning properly, it is better to call Mvir Cleaning company that serves Wimbledon. They will get the job done for you.

If your carpet is lighter in colour, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and hot water. Eventually you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice for great aroma. After the mixture is ready, just pour it into carpet cleaning machine container and start the process of cleaning. And again, if you think there is a risk of not properly performed cleaning, it is better to call carpet cleaning professionals, who will give you a guarantee for professional result of their work.



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