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Three Popular Myths About Carpet Cleaning in Anerley

People in Anerley, UK use professional carpet cleaning services for many years already. They take advantage of both personal and commercial cleaning to ensure that their house and office are perfectly clean. Since carpet cleaning in Anerley has become in demand, companies like Mvir Cleaning that provide excellent services with a guarantee have expanded and grown in size.

Yet, throughout the years, some myths have been formed that many people still believe in. We will consider today three of these misconceptions and will reveal why they are only myths and not true. This way, you are going to receive correct information about professional carpet cleaning services.

Myth #1 Carpet Cleaning is Harmful

This myth is the most widely spread one and it states that carpet cleaning and all the carpet cleaning solutions involved in the cleaning process are harmful to people’s health and to the environment. Well, this is far from the true, as today the market is full of eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and techniques that protect the environment and include no hazardous chemicals neither impose any risk to people’s health. Moreover, they provide effective cleaning without damaging the carpet’s fibres. There are even carpet cleaning companies that produce their eco-friendly cleaning solutions by themselves.

Cleaning companies like Mvir Cleaning give priority to the environment, as they know that there are children and pets in the house whose health should be protected. That is why they choose very carefully all the ingredients they use in the cleaning solutions.

Myth #2 Professional Carpet Cleaning Causes Quick Re-Soiling of the Carpet

Some people think that they do not need professional carpet cleaning services as the re-soiling occurs too quickly after the cleaning. Moreover, they even think that once their carpets are professionally clean, they start to accumulate dirt much faster than before. They also believe that once started, you would need to call carpet cleaners often to remove the dirt that comes from the residue that is left behind after their previous cleaning.

This is another myth that is untrue. The fact is that professional cleaners remove all the dirt from the carpet along with the allergens and mites that are harmful for your health. If they use a steam carpet cleaning method, no residue is left behind as it all is collected in a tank and is dumped by the carpet cleaners. Their goal is to improve your interior environment and they give a guarantee for this. In fact, the carpet that is professionally cleaned extends its lifespan and looks great much longer than if no cleaning company has taken care of its cleaning.

Myth #3 Professional Cleaning is Too Expensive for People to Afford it

Another very common myth that is not true. Although the cost of this service may vary from company to company, many carpet cleaners offer top-notch services at very affordable rates. In addition, companies in Anerley like Mvir Cleaning offer regular discounts in low season that people can take advantage of to save even more. There are no hidden costs and the pricing is completely transparent, so people can confidently hire them for cleaning services.

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