Tips for Carpet Cleaning DIY: Make Your Own Solution With Household Products

Tips for Carpet Cleaning DIY: Make Your Own Solution With Household Products


Not all people in the UK have enough budget for professional carpet cleaners. They prefer to clean their carpets on their own, but the carpet cleaning solutions sold in the market might be expensive. Moreover, they might be packed with chemicals that can jeopardize people’s health. For this reason, many of those who make DIY carpet cleaning, prefer to search for recipes on how to make such cleaning  solutions on their own. There are many such recipes online, but those that are made with household products are the best. They usually contain no hazardous components and are quite affordable.

Below, we are going to present you one such recipe shared by a professional carpet cleaning company that operates in the UK. It is called Mvir Cleaning and is a reputable carpet cleaner to whom you can entrust your carpets. And the best part is that they can clean your carpets at affordable rates.

Cleaning Solution With Household Products

To make the cleaning solution, you need the following ingredients: household ammonia, vinegar, and a common dishsoap. It is advisable to also use a soap dispenser, or another container that can produce foam. The goal is that there would be foam on the carpet instead of a liquid, so the dispenser would be very efficient.

To make the cleaning solution, you need to mix 3/4 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of dishsoap, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and a half tablespoon of ammonia. Careful steer the solution and pour it in the dispenser.

Next step would be to spray the foam all over the carpet’s surface, especially on the dull areas. Using a brush or sponge work the foam deeper into the fibres, then take a white towel or cloth and take the foam away. You will see that the white towel turns to black. The dirt from the inside of the carpet get in the towel, while the carpet becomes clean.

DIY Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Solution

There is one more cleaning solution you can make at home instead of buying the popular Rug Doctor cleaning solution.

To prepare the solution you will need 1 gallons of hot water, two tablespoon of non-bleach laundry detergent, like Tide, 1/4 cup of cleaning solution like LA’s Totally Awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser & Spot Remover, and 1 scoop of oxiclean, like LA’s Totally Awesome Oxygen Orange Base Cleaner.

Shake the mixture up and you can start applying it on your carpet. To do that pour the solution into the reservoair of your carpet cleaning machine. For better results, you can use the same solution for pre-treatment of the stubborn stains and spots. Just spray the solution over the spots and use a clean cloth to remove them.

You are ready to use the machine with the carpet cleaning solution inside. This will allow you to cover a big region at once. This solution smells fantastic and it does a great job cleaning the carpet.

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