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Tips on How to Keep Your Carpets Clean After Applying Professional Carpet Cleaning in Lewsham

Although carpets are very convenient to have in our house, they are difficult to maintain, as they are the main accumulator of a grime and dirt. It is quite challenging to clean the carpet on your own that is why most people in Lewsham prefer to turn to a professional carpet cleaning company. DIY carpet cleaning is risky and you may end up ruining your expensive carpet, so it is not advisable, especially for people who have no experience in it.

That is why using professional carpet cleaning in Lewsham is a necessity to keep the carpet clean and to expand its lifespan. Mvir Cleaning is the right place to go, if you need experts to take care of this job. They have years of experience in this industry and give the following advices on proper maintenance of your carpets after their leaving:

Prevent Dirtiness

People’s first goal should be to prevent problems instead of fighting with them after they arise. The same applies for your carpet. Preventing making your carpet dirty is much better strategy than trying to clean it afterwards.

How to prevent your carpet clean? You can follow these few tips:

  • Teach your children and if necessary your guests to take off their shoes before stepping on the carpet. This will reduce the amount of dirt accumulated for a certain time period in the deeper carpet’s layers.
  • Keep away from the carpet all the food and drink. Do not allow anyone to eat or drink something on the carpet.
  • Do not place your carpet in an area of high traffic.
  • Do not allow your pets if any to sleep on your carpet. Train them to use their beds instead.

Maintenance is Very Important

To maintain your carpet properly, you need to regularly vacuum clean it. If you would like to extend the period of carpet’s cleanness, the specialists advise you to clean it every day. This prevents dirt and dust from penetrating into the lower layers and they are captured by the vacuum cleaner before starting to deteriorate the fabric.

What Else Can Help for Maintenance?

There is an old technique used by our grandmothers that is beneficial until today in keeping our carpets clean. You can take the carpet outside and get a stick to beat it until all the debris and dirt fall out. This method is even more effective than cleaning with a powerful vacuum machine. However, do not apply this method, if your carpet is very old or the fabrics are too delicate.

Cleaning the Spots

If an accidental spill occurs, take an immediate action and blot it up right away. Instead of scrubbing or pouring water on that place, use some of the effective home remedies that can prevent stains on the carpet’s surface.

Following these tips given us by the experts from Mvir Cleaning will help you save much money on using professional cleaners on a regular basis and will help you take a good care of your expensive and valuable carpet.



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