Tips & Tricks for Carpet Cleaning|

Tips & Tricks for Carpet Cleaning|

There are lots of tips and tricks that could help you in carpet cleaning. One of the leaders in this industry in London, Mvir Cleaning, shares 6 tricks with us that are highly beneficial. Let’s consider them to keep our carpets stain free and new looking.

Tip 1: Make sure to blot after the spillage right away

If there is a spillage on the carpet, ensure to blot it right away with a paper towel or clean cloth, starting from the outside in. Remove all the excess moisture without rubbing or scrubbing the place.

Tip 2: Do not use stain removers bought from the market

Such products cause damage to the carpet and fabric that is non-reparable. The best option would be to make such a stain remover by yourself. For this purpose, you can mix water and mild vinegar and apply it on the stain.

Tip 3: The best way for removing wax

Sometimes accidents with the candles might result in hot wax drops on the carpet. There is a way to remove it without pulling out the fibres with applying a heat. The best way is to place a cloth over the wax and a warm iron over it until the wax softens. Then, using a blunt knife carefully scrape the cloth with the wax on it off the carpet’s surface.

Tip 4: Regular vacuuming

To provide proper carpet maintenance, you have to vacuum it almost daily or at least once every few days. This will prevent the soil and dust from falling down deeper and degrading the fibres. You will notice how the carpet’s look improves after the vacuuming and as result its life is also extended.

Tip 5: How to protect the carpet?

It is worth to invest in carpet protection, such as Scotchguard, as it is effective in the stain penetration prevention into the fibres. Whether you have to deal with carpet or upholstery stains, it is much easier to remove them using such a product. Every carpet owner, especially the one with expensive carpet, should spend some more money on such an efficient protector.

Tip 6: How to properly remove the stains?

There are certain steps that should be taken when you have to deal with stains on the carpet:

  • Take a dry white cloth to blot the spillage as soon as it occurs.
  • Take more clean dry cloths if necessary until as much of the moisture or stain on the surface as possible has gone.
  • Then, make a stain remover by mixing 4 parts of water and 1 part of white vinegar.
  • Use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on the affected area. Then, blot the place again to remove all the excess moisture.
  • Repeat the procedure all over again as many times as needed to make the stain completely disappears.
  • Then take some kitchen towels and place them over the place. Place something heavy on top to help the towels absorb the excessive moisture.
  • Leave it that way for a few hours and then remove the towels. There should be no visible stains.

In case this didn’t help and the stain is still there, you need to call professional carpet cleaners to remove it efficiently.


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