Top Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Useful tips and tricks can be of a great help for those who would like to perform DIY carpet cleaning. MVIR Cleaning is one of the reputable carpet cleaning companies in London and region that shares with local people top cleaning secrets of how to efficiently clean your carpet and return its original look.

  • First measures when stain occurs are of greatest importance. As soon as it happens, you need to blot it immediate with a clean cloth. The direction you start bloating is also quite important – start from the outside in to prevent spreading the stain on new fibres. Do not rub or scrub the place at all. Simply remove the excess moisture by carefully bloating it.
  • Avoid using any stain removers that are offered on the market. They can seriously harm the fibres and these damages cannot be repaired. It is best to make your own stain remover. To do so, mix some mild vinegar with warm water and apply it directly on the stain. This mixture is a great freshener that can be added into your carpet cleaning machine, too.
  • If you have to deal with a wax stain or wax drops, it is best to apply a heat in its removal. Instead of pulling out the affected fibres, put a clean cloth over the wax stain and run over it with a hot iron. You will notice that the wax becomes soft. Remove carefully the cloth off the carpet’s surface by scrapping it when necessary with a blunt knife.
  • Daily carpet cleaning using a vacuum is the best way to prevent many carpet issues. This maintenance will extend the life of your carpet, as it will remove dust and soil before it falls down to the deeper layers of fibres and start to degrade them. The best option will be to use professional carpet cleaning on your carpet and then to start this daily maintenance with a vacuum cleaning machine.
  • There are some great products for carpet protection that it is worth to invest in. Scotchguard is one of them that prevents stain penetration into the fibres. They are quite useful, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Such a product will help you easier remove the stains not only from the carpet, but from the upholstery, too. An efficient protector is very important for those carpet owners, who have invested in expensive carpets.

Removing the Stubborn Stains

It is not easy thing even for the professional carpet cleaners to remove the stains that have been there from a long time. It is very important to react right after the stain appears and not wait until it penetrates into the fibres.

The best possible way to remove the stain from a spillage is to take a dry white cloth. If it all soaks up the liquid, take some more clothes until all the moisture from the surface disappears. Mix one part of white vinegar with four parts of warm water and add it into a spray bottle. Sprinkle that mixture over the affected area and bloat it again. If the stain remains, try to repeat that process several times until you see the desired improvement.


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