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How to Use Armor All Carpet Cleaner?

Your carpet, be it in your house or car, needs good care. The amount and nature of traffic, which it has to withstand each day, means it has some dirt almost daily. Some of the dirt -from your shoes after you stepped in mud, a coffee spill in the morning or crashed vegetable remains – may end up leaving a stain on the carpet. You may opt to go for a professional cleaner such as Mvir Cleaning. Alternatively, if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you need to follow our directions below.


Check the carpet to see if there are large pieces of dirt. Scrub them off with a hard bristle brush. Then vacuum clean the area to expose the stain. Try and wash it away with water and soap using a clean cloth. If it does not come off, let the spot to dry and try other techniques of stain removal including using special detergents such as armor.

Why a special detergent?

Such detergents, which the professional carpet cleaners use in their work, have restorative powers. This simply means they literally give the carpet a new lease of life by removing the stains and restoring its beauty. They are specially designed to penetrate deep into the carpet’s fibers and attack the dirt while leaving the carpet’s fabric as good as new. For instance, armor is renowned for its rich foam, which literally lifts soil and debris, breaking up dirt and tough stains without affecting the carpet’s surface appearance, including texture and colour. This ensures your carpet lasts longer.


Before you use/apply armor, carefully read the manufacturers’ instructions to see what surfaces it is used, how it is used, what quantities and any precautions. If and when using, ensure you follow the instructions to the letter.


Identify the spot on the carpet where the stain is and spray armor directly on the spot. Give the foam some to soak and penetrate into the carpet’s fabric. It works in a few minutes after the first application. Then using a clean damp cloth, wipe the spot/foam off.  If the stain(s) is stubborn, you may have to scrub to remove it. You should never allow the armor to dry on carpet’s surface. Use water, if possible, to rinse clean the suds. Besides removing the dirt, armor and other such detergents will restore the true colour, appearance and texture of your carpet.

Name recognition

In armor, you have the advantage of using a product with a name recognised in the market with users who can vouch for it.


Some dealers are so confident of armor’s performance to the extent that they offer to refund your cash if you are not satisfied with the results. For instance, some say that if after 30 days of evaluating its performance you are not happy with the results, you can take advantage of their money back guarantee. If for any reason Carpet Armor carpet stain protector or spot remover fails to work for you, you just contact them via email or phone them to get your money back.



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