Useful DIY Tips from Oven Cleaning Lambeth Experts

Oven cleaning is usually a duty that people always avoid at home, as it is not only boring, but very time consuming, too. Moreover, you need to use some dangerous chemicals to achieve the required results.

There are many people today that are sensitive to such chemicals and the harmful vapours they emit. There is no wonder that they prefer to neglect cleaning the oven. They are aware that the toxic gases that these chemicals contain might have serious side effects to both people’s health and environment. If there are pets at house, they will also suffer.

So it is important to choose the right oven cleaning method. Here is where some tips from experienced oven cleaning Lambeth experts may come in handy.

Tips #1 Keep the doors and windows widely opened

When you start cleaning the oven, provide a proper ventilation and air flow in the premise to avoid breathing poisonous chemicals. You can do that by opening windows and doors. Additionally, do not neglect to put on safety gloves, glasses and face mask to prevent breathing in the emitted gases.

Tip #2 Replace the poisoning detergents with eco-friendly ones

Luckily, there are many eco-friendly cleaning products today that are non-damaging for people’s or pets’ health. They could be as efficient as the dangerous ones, so you can save a lot of hassles by choosing that kind of oven cleaning solutions.

Tip #3 Make your own oven cleaning solution

There are some cleaning detergents that you can actually make at home, by combining some common household products like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and dish-washing soap. For abrasive zones and removing the grim and oil, you can use baking soda. All these are safe alternatives to oven cleaning solutions available on the market.

How important is to avoid using dangerous cleaning products?

In fact, the effect of harsh chemicals is not limited only to the process of oven cleaning itself. Along with harming the environment, the residue that remains after the process of cleaning, stays inside the oven and begins to vaporize when it is heated. This means that your food is going to be contaminated and might lead to serious health conditions. This problem can be avoided by two ways: if you use only DIY or eco-friendly oven cleaning detergents or if you thoroughly clean the oven inside to ensure that no pollutants remain there.

What about the so-called self-cleaning ovens?

These are ovens that are designed to clean themselves and to save their owners the hassles of cleaning. They clean themselves at 800-degree Celsius temperature when all the grease and stains turn into ash. Then, you have to wait for the oven to cool down and collect the ashes with a sponge. Use a clean cloth to clean the door as well.

The bad news is that this function is not sufficient so you cannot rely on it 100%. You still have to do oven cleaning a few times a year to ensure your family’s health.


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