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Vacuuming Does NOT Count as Carpet Cleaning

It is a myth that we are able to maintain properly our carpets by regular vacuuming. Although, vacuuming indeed is very important to keep the dust and dirt away, nevertheless professional carpet cleaning has to be completed once a year. Why? Let’s consider below the reasons why vacuuming cannot substitute the carpet cleaning.

Reason No. 1 Professional carpet cleaning is the only known way to protect your health from harmful allergens and mites that are accumulated over time.

Although you are able to remove the dust and dirt from the carpet’s surface with vacuuming, you will not be able to kill the allergens and mites that contaminate the air. On the other hand, the steam carpet cleaning can successfully do that, as the extremely high temperature of the water that turns it in steam kills all microorganisms hidden in your carpet.

Reason No. 2 Professional carpet cleaning is the only known way to provide a thorough carpet cleaning.

No matter how hard you try, vacuuming is not enough to remove the dirt from the lower layers of the carpet and its amount grows with time. When you step on your carpet, the dust from inside is released in the air and may impose health hazards. This is especially true, if there are kids in the family who like to play on the floor. Steam carpet cleaning removes the dirt and dust from all the layers down to the very bottom of the carpet.

Reason No. 3 Professional carpet cleaning will definitely extend the life of your carpets and will save you money in the long run.

Professional cleaners know what techniques to use to restore the damaged fibres as much as possible. Their powerful industrial strength machines remove not only the dirt and dust, but the residue as well, so the fibres become completely clean. This procedure is essential if you would like to keep your valuable carpet longer, instead to have to replace it soon.

Reason No. 4 Vacuuming cannot remove the stains from the carpet, while professional carpet cleaning can.

Stains are inevitable and vacuuming cannot cope with this problem. If a stain appears on the surface of your carpet, blot it right away and call professional carpet cleaners as soon as you can, so there are good chances for them to be able to completely remove it. The more it stays, the deeper the stain penetrates into the fibres and becomes almost impossible to remove. So when you notice a stain on your carpet, do not delay to call professionals.

Maintaining the Steamed Carpet

When you take advantage of professional carpet cleaning, you need to keep maintaining your carpet to keep longer the great results achieved by professionals. To do that, vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week. One of the secrets for the good maintenance consists in slow vacuuming. It will vibrate the carpet fibres and will allow you to remove more dust. When the weather is good on spring and fall, it is a wise idea to take your carpet out, shake and beat it with a broom and leave it for a day or so outside.

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