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Vax Carpet Cleaning Solution: How much to use?

The moment you carpet gets dirty or stained it becomes a challenge to you because you have to clean it. It is during that time you have to decide what cleaning solution you will use. Vax carpet cleaning solution is one such a solution you can settle on.


Unbeknown to many consumers who opt to use the Vax branded carpet cleaners, they are designed in such a way that they contain new technological features, which make them quite complicated to use. This means you have to take an appropriate measure to prepare the cleaner and then use it safely and properly.


Vax carpet cleaning solution, the Woolsafe Foundation approved, is a low-foaming cleaning solution for use with all carpet washing machines. It is one of the cleaning solutions professional cleaners such as Mvir Cleaning use in cleaning properties.

You are better off to mix properly the vax carpet cleaner to stop it from malfunctioning while also optimising its cleaning features. The different components of the vax cleaner include a base unit, midsection, handle, three screws, and a clean water tank.

To begin, line up the base unit with the midsection and slide it into place. Then insert the handle into the midsection with the screw hole of the handle aligned with the hole in the midsection. Insert three screws to secure the handle into place and then twist the cord holder so it is facing upwards. Finally, insert the clean water tank on the front of the midsection.

Correct dose

Always make sure to carefully read instructions on the bottle of vax carpet cleaning solution to determine the correct dose to apply and other instructions.

To prepare it for use, dilute the stated correct volume of vax carpet cleaning solution into the right amount of warm water. Then pour the required amount of the solution into a clean water tank of your machine.

It is worth noting that, before starting the cleaning process, it is better to try the Vax carpet cleaning solution in an area of the carpet, which is not visibly easily to people entering the house, by scrubbing the solution to the area to see if it can have a negative effect on its colour or texture.


You should exercise caution when using a vax carpet cleaning solution. For instance, keep it out of reach of children and avoid any eye contact. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.

Adequate ventilation

When you use a vax carpet cleaning solution, you need to allow for adequate ventilation by opening the doors and windows and leaving them open. This not only allows the fresh air into the house after using the chemicals, but also to speed up the carpet drying even if the carpet cleaner dries it up mostly if it has a ‘heated cleaning’ effect.

Pleasant smell

Some vax carpet cleaning solution can give your house or office a pleasant smell. All you need is to add some vax scented vacuum granules into your vacuum’s dirt bin and then vacuum clean the carpet for them. You have a variety fragrances from which to choose.

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