We Visited a Client in Bexley to Clean His Carpet

From our clients in Bexley we know how challenging for them it could be to maintain the good condition of their carpets in a muddy weather. It is a challenge, that most people cannot deal with, as they are too busy with their daily chores and work. Most of them cannot imagine that they will come tired from work and will start vacuuming the whole house. They prefer to cook dinner and to sit down to watch a TV and relax. This is understandable taking into consideration all the hard work and short deadlines during the day. People just have to reduce the level of accumulated stress, so the last thing they think about is their carpet’s condition.

Mvir Cleaning company understands this very well, so we don’t expect to find carpets in a perfect condition when people call us. It is our duty to perform all the required techniques to restore the great look of the carpets.

What kind of cleaning technique we use?

Being a long time in the industry, we understood that the green methods are preferred by most clients that is why we apply only steam carpet cleaning using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This allows us to remove the stains, to extract 99% of the dirt and soil accumulated on the bottom of the carpet and to wash away the dirt without leaving any residue. All the dirt is gathered into a container and disposed away.

To make our services more convenient and available to people in Bexley, we don’t have days off and work until 8 p.m., so our clients can appoint our visit after work or during the weekend when they are away.

No harmful chemicals are used in the cleaning process, so our services perfectly fit families with babies, people with allergies and other health conditions, as well as households with pets. In fact, the cleaning we perform greatly improves the health condition of everyone at house, because we eliminate all the mites and harmful bacteria that reside inside your carpet.

John from Bexley

We will call this client John. He called us 2 weeks ago to clean his carpet. John is not an exception from other working people in Bexley. He goes to work every day and returns tired. Even tough, he does not have a family to look after, he finds no time to maintain his carpet. Moreover, he comes in in shoes, so you can imagine how quickly the dirt is accumulated on his carpet. He calls us once every six months to thoroughly clean his carpet.

Why John preferred us?

John has a specific health condition. He has asthma and it is his requirement to perform only eco-friendly and safe cleaning. Harsh chemicals significantly deteriorate his health condition, so he totally avoids them.

Since we offer the kind of cleaning he was searching for, he chose us to perform regular carpet cleaning services at his house. One of the things that attracted him was a guarantee for quality services that we provide. But with time, we built mutual trust and became friends. He can now call us any time he needs an advice or help. And the trust between us and our clients is what we value the most.

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