We Visited a Client in Chelsea to Clean His Carpet

To our question “How often do you use professional carpet cleaning services?” our clients in Chelsea have a common answer: “Well, not that often.” Mvir Cleaning serves the region already 5 years and has encountered a variety of carpet related issues. We are going to share here details related to one such visit of a client in Chelsea, who hired us to clean his dirty carpet.

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is so Important?

In fact, he decided to call us only after he noticed a visible layer of debris and dirt on the carpet’s surface. It was obvious that no carpet maintenance was performed. We explained the client that this visible part of dirt covers a layer of invisible hazards. They include dust, bacteria, allergens, mites, etc. that can significantly deteriorate the health condition of everyone who lives in that house. The proper maintenance is not consisting only in taking off the shoes before stepping on the carpet. It should be regularly vacuumed several times a week.

Health Improvement

After our explanation, he understood why his 10-year-old son has recently caught a persistent dry cough that is exacerbate at night time. We were sure that his condition will be significantly improved after our cleaning work. In fact, our carpet cleaning services could eliminate his cough entirely, as we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and a steam carpet cleaning method that eliminates the mites and allergens without any chemicals.

Improved Appearance

After that we started the process of cleaning itself. Our super powerful vacuum machine helped us extract all the debris, dirt and other smaller or bigger bits that were built up on the carpet’s surface over time. The appearance of the carpet was immediately improved, but this was only the first step of cleaning. There were still stains to remove and the carpet still emitted a bad odour.

We applied our eco-friendly cleaning solution on the carpet and took our bulky steamer. The hot water completely eliminated all the harmful microbes and bacteria in the lower layers of the carpet. Moreover, it was able to dissolve the dirty particles stuck to the lower parts of the fibres. That is why, the steam carpet cleaning is considered the best method of all available professional carpet cleaning methods today. It provides deep cleaning that cannot be achieved by other known methods. The entire carpet was washed by the injected hot steam. We then used a vacuum machine that gathered the entire residue, i.e. the dirty water, in a special container.

Improved Smell

That was the moment when the smell of the carpet was completely changed. It started to emit fresh smell, like that the new carpets emit.

Stain Removal

But we still had to deal with all sorts of stains that were spread at different places on the carpet’s surface. We had to treat them one by one with a special eco-friendly stain remover and then apply the vacuum cleaning all over again. We told our client that he needs to treat the stains as soon as they appear to prevent the likelihood of having permanent stains.

After completing our work, our client was more than happy. He told us that he will recommend our carpet cleaning services to all his friends and relatives.

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