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We visited a client in Croydon to clean his carpet

We visited a client in Croydon to clean his carpet


As all people know, there is a constant raining in Croydon, so clients from there regularly call Mvir Cleaning to clean their carpets. That was the case with Mark, who called us with a request to schedule our cleaning of his carpet. He called us on Sunday morning, so we arrived there the very same day at 5 pm. It was possible for us to come almost immediately, as we work every single day, including the weekends and bank holidays.

We arrived just on time and started to pick up our heavy-duty equipment to his floor. The building was old, so we supposed that the carpet will not be in its best condition as well. Mark welcomed us warmly and we entered his flat to make an inspection of the carpet first. There was no surprise!

The carpet’s condition

The carpet was old and visibly not maintained well. There was a lot of dirt on the surface and we could only imagine the amount of dirt and soil accumulated in the lower layers. Obviously, these sharp dirty particles have caused tear and wear at some places. Moreover, there were some stubborn stains that were there from a long time, as Mark admitted.

What we could do in such situation?

We explained the client that he cannot expect miracles from us, as the carpet’s condition was really very bad and he knew that. But we assured him that we will make everything possible to extend the carpet’s life, as he had no money for a new carpet.

We started with thorough vacuuming. Unlike the household vacuuming machines, our vacuum has an industrial strength, so it can extract not only a bigger amount of dirt, but also is able to extract a part of the dirt from the lower layers. Of course, this action was far from enough.

Our company is experienced in applying the steam carpet cleaning method, which is considered the most effective and the eco-friendliest of all. First, we spread an eco-friendly detergent on the entire carpet’s surface and waited for a few minutes for it to attract dirt. Then, we took our steam cleaner and started to extract the dirt from the very bottom using hot water. All bacteria, mites and allergens were killed in the process. So the room obtained a fresh smell.

The water came down to the very bottom of the carpet and was extracted by the machine to a special container. In our first run, the container collected black water. In our second run, the container was dark grew. We made a few more runs and each time the extracted water was becoming clearer. At last, it became clear and we could move on to the stains.

It is next to possible to remove stains that stay there from years, but we managed at least to make them less visible. That was it, the work was done! Mark was so happy with the results, that gave us a generous tip knowing all the hard work we had to do for his carpet.


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