Deep steam carpet cleaning in Clapham South, SW11 postcode area, South West London

We Visited a Client in Kensington to Clean His Carpet

We Visited a Client in Kensington to Clean His Carpet

Although the professional carpet cleaning is affordable and does not take more than an hour, many people in Kensington neglect to do it and call the carpet cleaning professionals only when the situation with their carpets cannot be worse. It’s a pity that they wait for so long before using the professional cleaners. No matter how experienced they are, the cleaning experts cannot perform miracles on the damaged carpets. On the other hand, the regular usage of local professional carpet cleaning services would guarantee that the life of your carpets would be significantly extended, which means saving thousands of pounds.

Mvir Cleaning serves the region of Kensington for more than 5 years and our team has seen multiple cases of damaged carpet fibres that could be prevented if the carpet’s owner called us a few months earlier.

Be aware that the fibres of the carpet are mostly damaged by the following ways:

  • When the carpet contains soil that is not removed on time, it gradually settles in the bottom of the carpet and these microscopic particles with sharp edges start to tear up the fabric with every step you make on the carpet.
  • The stains and spills began to deteriorate the fabric.
  • The cleaning that is done wrongly would also cause a damage to the fibres. If you are not sure what kind of cleaning solutions to choose, better call Mvir Cleaning to clean your carpet or you may completely ruin your carpet.

So, we got a call from a client in Kensington…

Unfortunately, that was a carpet of the worst condition we have ever seen. Although the client didn’t remember the last time it was cleaned, we believed that it was never cleaned professionally since he has bought it. And we had multiple reasons to think so. There were visible sights of soil and mud on the carpet, some of the fibres were damaged and torn, there were multiple stubborn stains all over the surface. No need to say what a huge impression of dirtiness the whole room had, which came from this carpet.

Well, the owner didn’t have much hopes about it. He knew that this procedure had to be performed long time ago if he wanted to keep the carpet in a good condition. Yet, he had no money for a new carpet, so he asked us to make whatever we can to make it look a bit better.

We started the work…

Instead of an hour or so, we spent 3 hours cleaning the carpet over and over again in order to remove the dirt and dust from each layer down to the very bottom. Well, our efforts made a huge difference, but we still had a lot of work ahead. Next, we started to remove the stains as much as possible. Some of them fade and others were completely removed by our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Then we applied our fibres restoration procedures. The whole work took more than 4 hours, but the results were rewarding. The client was so happy with the result that he paid us a bonus for the brilliant work. After all, we literally saved him thousands for a brand new carpet.



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