We visited a client in Orpington to clean his carpet

We visited a client in Orpington to clean his carpet

We are a cleaning company specialised in different cleaning services in Orpington. Yet, most clients there call us to clean their carpets. That was the case with Jan, who caught us one Sunday morning to come to his house urgently. We were there in less than 30 minutes. On our way to the house, Jan explained us by phone that his little boy had spilled an entire jug of orange juice on their completely new carpet that was bought earlier the same week and obviously costs too much to be dumped.

When we were at the place, there was a large orange pond on the carpet’s surface. The beautiful and vibrant colours of the carpet have been changed to orange and looked pretty awful. There was no time to lose so we started our work right away. Using our professional vacuuming machine with a powerful suction system, we started to vacuum the liquid not only from the surface but also from the deeper carpet’s layers. The original colours started to become visible, yet this was just the beginning of the work.

We applied carpet cleaning solution that removes stubborn stains. We assured our client that this cleaning solution is eco-friendly and there will be no harm for his little son neither for the rest of the family.

We waited for some time for the solution to work and its active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the fibres down to the very bottom of the carpet. Then we started the process of cleaning itself. We always use steam carpet cleaning for all our clients, as we know its benefits compared to all other available carpet cleaning methods.

I have to admit that the stain was not completely removed with the first application. So we had to applied the cleaning solution again and repeat the entire procedure. After the second application the difference became visible. The stain was completely removed and the original colours became as vibrant as they were before. The client was very happy with the result and gave us a big tip, as we had saved him a lot of hassles and money.

His little son was curious enough to watch us during the entire process of cleaning. He said multiple times sorry to his father for spilling the juice over the carpet and his daddy forgave him, but he was completely relaxed only after he saw that his carpet is as clean as it was when he brought it home from the shop.

We explained the little boy that he must stay away from the clean carpet for at least 4 hours until it is completely dry. If he starts to step on it before that time, there is a big chance that Jan has to call us again. At that Sunday morning when most of the cleaning companies in Orpington do not work, we took that urgent call and deal with the problem immediately. This is because we at Mvir Clearing work every single day to meet our clients’ needs.


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