We visited a client in Wandsworth to clean his carpet

Each carpet cleaning procedure can turn into a real adventure as we never know what we will find on the address we go. We visited a client in Wandsworth this April who was very concerned about the condition of his carpet.

Our client in Wandsworth…

You know, he is a kind of people who want everything to be perfect. When we entered into his home, we were surprised how perfectly clean was everything, starting from curtains and furniture up to the tiles and floor. He confirmed that he is a perfectionist that does not bear any dirt. It is really rear to see such a strict client who perfectly knows what he wants.

The only problem he had was his carpet. One of his children accidently spilled some juice over it and it was a real disaster for his clean house. He tried to remove the stain at once but all his efforts went in vain. Then, he decided to call us and hire us as soon as possible to remove that ugly stain, which not only ruins the wonderful look of his carpet, but the whole interior.

So here we are at our client’s house…

Since we offer stain removal service, we tried to relieve his stress ensuring that we will be able to remove the nasty spot from the carpet. We started by vacuuming the area and then spread our special stain removing solution. We had to wait for some time to activate and then vacuum it up. The stain was half gone but it was still noticeable, so we had to repeat the procedure.

The client was impressed by the fact that there are no chemicals in the stain removing solution. He said that he suffers from allergies and really appreciates that we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions. After the second application of the cleaning solution, the stain has completely gone. The client was the happiest person we have ever seen. He even asked us to clean the entire carpet to ensure that it will get a fresher look.

So we applied the steam carpet cleaning all over the carpet. Usually, when we do that at our other clients, the container is filled with dirty water. To our surprise, this time the water in the container was almost completely clean. We asked the client how often he performs carpet cleaning and he said that he hires professional carpet cleaners once every three months, but the carpet is then vacuumed every single day. He maintains his carpet so precisely, because of the allergies he has and because he wants his children to live in cleanest conditions possible.

We applied a deodorizer to his carpet to refresh the indoor air and we were ready to go. The client was very happy and promised us that he will call us again, as he wants to ensure his carpets will be cleaned only with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and techniques.

We also were very happy to get such a loyal client and to form long-term business relationships with him.



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