We visited a client in Wimbledon to clean his carpets

We visited a client in Wimbledon to clean his carpets

As a carpet cleaning company with more than 5 years of experience in Wimbledon, we have met hundreds of clients in this region, but today we will share with you the amazing story of one of them, which fortunately was with a happy end. Let’s call him Jeremy.

The story of Jeremy

Being as twice the age of us, it was difficult for Jeremy to look after himself. All the house needed repair and cleaning, and the living conditions were terrible. The poor old man had no strengths neither funds to take care of all this. Fortunately, this old man’s nephew, as we learned his only relative, came from abroad and went to live in the Jeremy’s house. That was the time when we first met Jeremy.

After entering the house, the Jeremy’s nephew was shocked by the amount of work that has to be done in that building. If he waited longer, they risk to be left on the street. He hired builders for all the construction works that had to be done, then painters, who were to refresh the ceilings and walls, then a company that would change the bathroom tiles, and finally he turned to us to clean all the carpets in the house.

Our visit in the Jeremy’s house

After entering the house, the nephew told us his uncle’s story and how he now takes care of the old Jeremy. Everything now in the house looked refreshed and like new besides the carpets, which had to be thoroughly cleaned.  After years of neglecting, in our opinion the carpets had to be cast away and replaced by new ones, but the nephew said they do not have enough money to do that so he asked us to do what we can to refresh them.

The carpet cleaning procedure itself

Of course, we agreed looking at their situation and started the cleaning process. First, we vacuumed several times the carpet to remove all the debris, soil and dirt that our super powerful vacuum machine could pick from as deep as possible. Then, we spread all over the carpet’s surface our eco-friendly cleaning solution and waited for a few minutes to get activated.

Then, the process of steam carpet cleaning started. After the first run, the water in the container became black. After the second run, it was still dark. After the third run the water was almost clean, so to ensure the best possible result, we made four separated runs. Obviously, the entire appearance of the carpet changed. We used our suction machine to extract the excess moisture and to accelerate the process of drying. We repeated this cleaning procedure for all the carpets that were four in total in the house.

The old Jeremy’s reaction

When the old Jeremy came in to see our work once it was finished, he started to cry. He said that if he could, he would call professionals to clean the carpets long time ago, but he didn’t have the money to pay them. Now, he was happy to have his nephew taking such a good care of him. His nephew was very happy with our work and thanked us multiple times because we saved him really a lot of money on new carpets.


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