carpet cleaning

What is carpet cleaning?

As its name suggests, carpet cleaning is a method of cleaning and hygienizing the carpet, prolonging its life and getting rid of accumulated dirt, grid, and bacteria. Since carpets today are widely used but not all the people have time and skills to maintain them, there are carpet cleaning companies that provide these services. They offer different carpet cleaning approaches that depend on the specific needs of the customers as well as on the carpet’s fabric. 


The carpet cleaning method is also chosen depending on whether people in the house have some allergies, whether there are pets and children in the house, whether the carpet is located in an area of high or low traffic, etc. Although some home owners prefer to take on the carpet cleaning on their own, the majority prefer to call professional carpet cleaners who will take care of all those hassles. They are skilled and experienced enough and use a special equipment to perform deep cleaning that you hardly be able to do on your own.

There are four carpet cleaning methods offered by professional carpet cleaners. Let’s take a closer look at them and find out which of them are the most beneficial one:

Carpet Shampooing

This method is outdated and ineffective that is why most carpet cleaning companies doesn’t offer it. However, it is mostly applied by people, who are trying to clean their carpets by themselves. A special detergent needs to be applied directly on the carpet to loose the dirt. The next step is to use a powerful vacuum cleaner to extract the girt along with the residue. It will take much time before the carpet is ready to be used again. The method is considered inefficient as it is unable to remove the larger part of the dust and dirt, which reappear soon after the cleaning. On one hand, it takes much time to be performed, while on the other hand it should be done regularly to make a difference.

Dry Carpet Cleaning


This method doesn’t require much time for drying and is comparatively effective. Actually, many cleaning companies prefer this method because of the short drying time after the cleaning powder is spread over the carpet. This powder is intended to attract dirt and dust. The cleaning specialists will then vacuum it thoroughly with their powerful equipment. The drawback here is the harmful chemicals that this powder contains.


Foam Carpet Cleaning


This method is a combination of the first two methods, but instead of using much water and powder, it uses a foam detergent that attracts the dirt and dust. It is then vacuumed and left for some time to dry out.
Steam Carpet Cleaning


Known also as hot water extraction, this method uses a steam to kill all the bacteria and microbes deep within the carpet’s fabric. It also looses the dirt and grime and leaves no residue in the end, as everything is extracted and gathered into a waste tank. Mvir steam cleaning does not involve any chemicals, but only eco friendly cleaning products and methods. That is why it is perfect for all people regardless of their demands and needs.



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