What is the Difference between Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Maintenance?

Both carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance are a must, but what is the difference between them? Let’s find out below.

People who own a carpet at home usually perform carpet cleaning, but not all of them perform a carpet maintenance. Unfortunately, this shortens the lifespan of their carpets, as well as the period for the next costly carpet cleaning.

What is carpet cleaning?

We can compare professional carpet cleaning with a first aid treatment. It comes to a rescue when there is a carpet emergency, such as dull carpet colours, deteriorated appearance, stains, etc.

What is carpet maintenance?

This is the so-called prevention of the carpet’s deterioration. Since prevention is much better than cure, it is pity that many carpet owners neglect it. You don’t have to wat for a fluid to be spilled on the carpet or another emergency to happen to take care of your carpet. The best way is to maintain it clean on a regular basis regardless of whether it is in a commercial or household environment.

What are the benefits of regular carpet maintenance?

Carpet maintenance, when performed by professional cleaners, will stop the process of tearing and wearing of the carpet’s fibres. As a result, your carpet will stay intact and will preserve its beautiful look for a much longer time. In fact, well-maintained carpets can survive for many years to come without looking dirt and dull.

Why the carpet maintenance is so important?

The carpet maintenance should begin as soon as the carpet starts to get dirty, which happens on the very first day when it is laid. The shoes usually carry soil and dirt from the outside that are trapped between the fibres and fall down to the lower layers. These sharp particles start to tear the fabric over time and you will lose much more money for the carpet restoration if proper maintenance is not done on time. In addition, professional carpet cleaners cannot perform miracles and can only restore the torn areas partially, so your neglected carpet will never look like new.

For this reason, investing in a regular carpet maintenance would guarantee that you will save much more money in the long run. Your carpet will not have to be replaced prematurely and the cleaning methods will be able to make it as beautiful as brand new.

How often the carpet maintenance should be applied?

If fact, even the specialists cannot give a clear answer to this question as it all will depend on a particular situation. If your carpet is a subject to a high traffic and gets dirty pretty quickly, then it is recommended to call carpet maintenance professionals at least once every three months. If you notice that your carpet is relatively good looking within three months of its use, you may extend this period to 4-6 months, but no longer than that.

Professional carpet cleaners who you will call for carpet maintenance will also recommend you the best period for cleaning and maintenance considering all the factors associated with your particular carpet.

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