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Who, Who carpet cleaning

Your carpet forms an important part of your house or office. At best, it can taint your home’s or office’s look and, at worst, have adverse effects on your health and that of your family if dirty.

The moment you decide that you need someone to clean your carpet there are key factors you need to take into account. This is because you will need to get the best cleaning company that will complete your cleaning job in a timely and efficient manner.


Any firm you settle for must be stable, well managed and have a developed and fairly perfected system of cleaning your carpets in line with the terms and conditions set by both the manufacturers and dealers of your carpets and the various regulatory authorities.

This means you must go for a professional Mvir Cleaning Company, which has either a sound management team or is an owner-operated businesses with a reasonable number of years of experience.

Staff experience

Carpet cleaning is no longer just washing off the dirt or removing a stain. It is a treatment, a special process aimed at improving its looks, retaining its texture and ensuring it will last longer. This means you need a firm with staff with specialised skills to use different tools, equipment and chemicals to clean it.

Types of carpet cleaning

You may not be aware of the different types of carpet cleaning available in the market. For instance, your carpet may be needing steam, wet or dry cleaning and yet you do not know. Some cleaning methods may require certain cleaning solutions that are not convenient to you. This means a good company should be able, ready and willing to explain to you in detail, including pros and cons, of the different types of carpet cleaning.


Price should neither be too high nor too low. It should be affordable and fair to both you and the cleaning company you are hiring. This means you should not be lured by the cheapest company.  Consider factors such as safety and quality of the job when going for a cleaning firm and not just the price of its services.

Response to crisis

You need a company that will respond immediately and satisfactorily in case something goes wrong. Also, the firm should have adequate insurance cover to compensate you in case its cleaner(s) commits a mistake.


A sound professional firm will not shy away from giving you a guarantee of quality on the service it will offer you.  In this case, the company whose services you procure should be ready to give you 100 per cent guarantee that it will meet your expectations. In case it refuses, then you have every reason to doubt its service delivery.


The company you consider to hire must be ready to work within your schedule. It should, therefore, be flexible enough to clean your carpet at the most convenient time to you without charging you any extra cash.



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