Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Greenwich is Important

If you live in Greenwich and you have carpeted floors, you might search for a reliable carpet cleaning service in your area. Greenwich like all the other regions of London features a bad weather for the most part of the year. If left unmaintained, the carpet quickly obtains muddy footprint, stains, and unpleasing odours that have to be taken care of by professionals in this field.

Mvir Cleaning provides the required level of quality and ensures that your carpets will return their fabulous look. So let’s examine here the reasons why carpet cleaning in Greenwich is so important?

Professional cleaners in London use a number of different carpet cleaning methods. These include:

Steam carpet cleaning

This cleaning method is suitable for almost all types of carpets and environment and is considered the most popular of the known cleaning methods. The reason for this is because it is eco-friendly and is done with a portable machine. Steam carpet cleaning is usually recommended by the carpet cleaners, as it provides deep cleaning and extends the carpet’s life. During this cleaning, deeply embedded stains, as well as mites and allergens are successfully removed from the bottom of the carpet and gathered into a special container that is disposed afterwards. No residue is left and for this process eco-friendly solutions are used instead of those packed with chemicals.

The process of steam carpet cleaner consists of 4 steps:

  • Before starting the exact process of cleaning, the cleaning expert vacuums the surface to remove the large particles and dust as much as possible. The used vacuum cleaner is extremely efficient and much more powerful than the one you have at your house.
  • Next step is to spray the cleaning solution that has to sit for a while. It is targeted to remove the stubborn stains.
  • Then using a high pressure jet hose of the steam cleaner, water is sprayed into the carpet’s bottom to wash the whole fibres from up to down.
  • Then, the cleaning technician vacuums the hot water along with the solution and dirt into the machine container.

Dry carpet cleaning

This method for carpet cleaning is not as much advantageous as the steam carpet cleaning. It is called dry carpet cleaning because the cleaning technician uses a less amount of water compared to the above-mentioned method. Although this could be considered as an advantage because of the quick drying time after the cleaning procedure, dry cleaning is also known as surface cleaning, which means it does not provide long-term results and people have to repeat the process quite often, if they choose to use this method.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

This is another well-known method for cleaning carpets, which however is already considered outdated. Its consists of 4 steps: just like the steam carpet cleaning method, the carpet should be vacuumed at first, then cleaning solution has to be applied to the pad of the cleaner, which is worked into the carpet fibres. Its goal is to remove the dirt from the carpet. Then, vacuuming is applied to extract the cleaner from the surface. This is again a method that has only a short-term effect as it cleans only the surface of the carpet.

Mvir Cleaning Company provides the most effective cleaning method to the people of Greenwich – the steam carpet cleaning method.

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