Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kensington is Important?

Some people in Kensington do not understand the real value of professional carpet cleaning services. They think that regular vacuuming and removing the stains and spills is enough for a good carpet maintenance, so they don’t have to give additional money for professional cleaning. However, they are wrong, as their carpets contain things that they don’t realize. These are dust, hair, dirt, dust mites and other harmful microorganisms that you cannot see. They thrive in the bottom part of the carpets where your household vacuum cleaner cannot reach due to its weak strength.

These facts make it necessary to perform a much more comprehensive carpet cleaning performed by professionals in Kensington. Not using this option may result in appearance of some health issues, like allergies and breathing issues caused by bacteria that thrive in your carpet. Professional cleaning ensures at least five things:

  • Your carpet will be completely sanitized and all the mites and other bacteria will be killed
  • The dust and soil will be removed from the very bottom of the carpet
  • The stains will be removed
  • The look and smell of the carpet will be improved
  • The life of your carpet will be extended

Let’s take a closer look at the procedure that the carpet cleaning specialists in Kensington perform during their visit:

Pre-vacuuming of the carpet

The initial step of professional cleaning process is vacuuming that prepares the carpet for the further cleaning. Its goal is to remove all the big particles and soil that are on the carpet’s surface to prevent them from falling down to the lower layers and from damaging the fibres. Professionals will use a vacuum cleaner of industrial strength that is much more effective than the one you have at your disposal at home.


The next step includes sprinkling of cleaner that is usually highly concentrated. Its purpose is to break down the dirt that is usually accumulated in the areas of higher traffic. In this step, the carpet cleaning professionals also apply special stain removers that are much more effective than those you can find on the market. If you are concerned about the chemicals used in this process, you can turn to a carpet cleaning company in Kensington that works only with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Such a local company is Mvir Cleaning.

Dirt Extraction

Next, the specialists will use a powerful extraction machine to remove the dissolved dirt from the carpet. This system is so effective, that it is able to clean the very base of the carpet fibres using the steam. The moisture is removed with this extraction machine and the drying process afterwards does not take too long.



This final treatment ensures the great smell of the carpet that already looks like new.

We believe that you already can see the difference between the professional and DIY carpet cleaning and how important professional carpet cleaning is. Should you need professional carpet cleaning services performed as described above, you can contact Mvir Cleaning.


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