Carpet cleaning in Lewisham, SE8 postcode area

After Our Work Has Finished Client was Very Grateful and Thanked Us

Mvir Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company that serves London and vicinities offering professional and top quality cleaning services to both private people and businesses. Their goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction, that is why all their technicians are fully trained and much experienced in any king of fabric. Clients in London like to work with Mvir Cleaning because:

  • The company is available every day of the week, including the weekends
  • They offer steam carpet cleaning that is the best method for deep carpet cleaning available today
  • They work with the latest machines that are of industrial strength to achieve amazing cleanness without leaving any residue
  • They do not use carpet cleaning products that are packed with chemicals. All of their cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and do not harm people’s health or environment
  • They offer a guarantee for full customer satisfaction that ensures the clients that their valuable carpets are in the best hands.
  • The prices for the services they offer are competitive and affordable
  • Apart from the carpet cleaning, they offer a wide range of other cleaning services, such as mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, oven cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, etc., which means that the client can take advantage of their service package.

A Recent Case from Mvir Cleaning Experience

A private person has recently call our company to schedule a carpet cleaning service. We went to make an inspection to determine the price. The carpet was in a pretty bad condition, being neglected from a really long time. The family had a dog at house, so there were stains on the surface from the pet urine.  The air in the living room where the carpet was located was bad and the carpet emitted very bad odour.  The owners knew that the situation is too bad to believe in a total miracle and transformation of the carpet, but they didn’t have money for a new carpet, so they hoped that its condition could be somewhat improved.

We Started the Work…

First, we thoroughly vacuumed the carpet’s surface to prepare it for treatment. Next, we sprinkle our green solution and waited for about 10 minutes for it to get activated. The special rotary machine we used helped the solution to penetrate deep in the fibres. We took a special care of the stained areas, adding a special detergent there. Then, we prepared the steam cleaner for the work and started the process of steam cleaning.  The fibres were thoroughly washed while the heat killed all the mites and microorganisms that have caused a bad odour. With the suction machine, we were able to vacuum all the dirt, dust and killed mites together with the dirty water in a big container, so that no residue is left on the carpet. The colours of the carpet became vivid and bright again, while the stains became unnoticeable.  The owners were really amazed with the result and were very gratitude that we came to perform this services for them. They promised they will use our carpet cleaning services each year and will no longer neglect their carpet.



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