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Is it Worth of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

Is it worth to call a professional carpet cleaning company when you can clean the carpets by yourself? You can surely do the whole work alone and save the fees you would otherwise give to the cleaning professionals. At least, that is what most people who need to clean their carpets at home think. But reality might be quite different.

Drawbacks of DIY carpet cleaning

There are several bad scenarios that you would want to avoid at all costs if you prefer to make DIY carpet cleaning. One of them might be choosing a wrong cleaning detergent that might permanently damage your expensive carpet. Another scenario might be wrongly performed cleaning technique that requires so long drying time that the mould appears on the carpet. The statistics show that there are also many people injured by bulky carpet cleaning machines they have rented to perform DIY cleaning. This is because they are not trained how to use them nor they have any experience with this equipment.

While everything related to DIY cleaning might seem too pessimistic, here are the main points why you should choose professional carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Advantages:

  • Special cleaners are used in professional carpet cleaning

This means that they use professional equipment and choose wisely their detergents based on the fabric type. These special detergents are not usually available in the market. They ensure that their work will leave no allergens, mites, mould, dust or other microorganisms in your carpet.

  • Knowledge and expertise

Many cleaning companies even have specialized in producing these cleaning solutions themselves. And this is not so surprising, as they work every day with different flooring and know which solutions might help and which ones are useless. Additionally, they have a different approach to different fabrics based on their specifications.

  • They save you a time and hassles

While DIY carpet cleaning might take days and long hours of vigorous brushing, professionals with their special gear will complete the whole work within an hour or so. It is a great option if you would like to see quick results.

  • They expand your carpet’s lifespan

They work carefully to not damage the fabric, but even to restore the affected areas. Their service is very important if you would like to prolong the life of your carpet.

  • Excellent results & fast drying time

While after DIY cleaning it might take days for your carpet to dry, the special equipment and super strong suction machines used by professionals ensure that the drying time is shorten to a few hours. There is a big difference in the cleaning results after DIY cleaning and professional carpet cleaning. Everyone of your guests will notice the cleanness if that is done by professionals. After their leaving, the carpet will look like brand new.

  • Applying carpet protectants

Many companies offer protectants that prolong the time you will need another professional carpet cleaning service. Its goal is to prevent stains and to protect the carpet’s fibres from damaging.

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