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Mvir Cleaning Offers Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning with foam Spring is the best time to start cleaning your carpets that have accumulated a lot of dust, dirt, and soil over the winter. Moreover, all these become a potential hazard for people’s health. If you reside in London and vicinities and do not know where to turn for professional carpet cleaning help, Mvir Cleaning is your best decision.


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Benefits Offered by Mvir Cleaning

There are multiple benefits that Mvir Cleaning can offer to the customers. They include:

Deep professional carpet cleaning that leaves no dirty corners or residue on the carpet. All the stains will be treated with appropriate cleaning solutions. The best thing is that they do not use any harmful detergents that are full of chemicals. All the cleaning solutions they apply are eco-friendly, as they take care of their customers’ health. Not only their clients will not be affected by the cleaning, on the contrary, their health will greatly benefit of the carpet cleaning procedure, especially if they currently suffer from allergies, asthma, or other lung related conditions.

Mvir Cleaning applies the steam carpet cleaning method. It is the best possible cleaning method known in the cleaning industry. The reason for this is that it is a green method that leaves no residue behind and offers deep and long-term carpet cleaning.


The carpet cleaning process

The process of professional carpet cleaning takes about 1 hour. It consists of several steps that the cleaning technician performs.

  • The first one is vacuuming your carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaning machine. This way, all the soil and dust, accumulated on the carpet’s surface is removed to prevent its falling down to the carpet’s bottom and eventually deterioration of the fibres.
  • The second step is spraying the carpet with eco-friendly cleaning solution that causes no allergies or any adverse effects on people, babies or pets.
  • Then, the process of the steam carpet cleaning itself begins to dissolve all the dirt that is stuck in the fibres. Moreover, the hot water injected inside the carpet washes the dirt from the very bottom of the fibres and eliminates the mites, allergens and other living microorganisms that emit bad odour and may harm your health. All those are collected along with the dirty water in a container leaving the carpet so clean that it looks like brand new.

The carpet cleaners take care of the fresh aroma too. They significantly improve the air quality of the entire premise.


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A guarantee for professional service

Mvir Cleaning offers a guarantee for 100% satisfaction to the customers, so they are ensured that they will get what they deserve. The company works every single day, which is very convenient for people who prefer to take advantage of these services during the weekend.

When the carpet cleaners complete their work, the client will need to wait for about 4 hours for the carpet to dry completely before using it again. Professional cleaning offered by Mvir Cleaning saves you much hassles, time and money, while guarantees perfect cleanness. It successfully extended the lifespan of your carpet and enhances its beauty.


Time-Limited Sale Price

Only now, Mvir Cleaning provides a great promo price for spring season of 10% off for carpet cleaning over £70. Take advantage of it now!


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Carpet Steam cleaning prices
Single Room£18
Double Room£23
Dining Room£20
Lounge(Living Room)£27
Through Lounge£38
Hallway/Corridor £15
Stairs£1,50 per step
Commercial cleaning (m²)from £1,20

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