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Our team knows how important the freshness, cleanness and comfort of your home are for you. This is why we specialize in making each part of it professionally cleaned, starting from your carpets. The deep steam carpet cleaning operation we offer is capable of doing real miracles with your dirty carpets and rugs. We use today’s most innovative and efficient hot water extraction cleaning method which provides uncompromising results every time. This up-to-date technology can make your old carpet seems like new one without much time or effort on your side.

As you already know, one of the most common methods we apply when treating carpets and rugs is hot water extraction, also known as deep steam carpet cleaning. Here is how our technicians clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery so you can get a better understanding of our professional approach:

  1. The carpet or upholstery is thoroughly vacuumed with our professional machinery. It is very important to clean away any loose soil or dust, hence preventing it from rubbing on your carpet before the deep steam carpet cleaning. This will dissolve stains and loosen grit and dirt in and on your carpet.
  1. The surface is sprayed with our powerful machine, using eco-friendly and allergen-free cleansing solution (prepared according to your personal preferences and needs) to get the fabric ready for cleaning.
  1. Then hot water is injected at high pressure, deep into the carpet pile for the successful implementation of the deep steam carpet cleaning procedure. The solution breaks soils and oils in the fastest and most effective way, killing bacteria and mites, and all is instantly extracted by the suction mechanism. This step is repeated in each area until the extracted water becomes clear.

As soon as these three steps are fulfilled, your carpet will be as good as new. You will get the chance to enjoy its cleanliness, CARPET CLEANING SOUTH LONDONfreshness, pleasant aroma and softness, which is actually better than buying a new one. So you don’t have to spend time and energy on carpet scrubbing or money on purchasing a new carpet when you have the perfect option of ordering deep steam carpet cleaning which is just a phone call away.

This method is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and deep steam carpet cleaning experts. By cleaning your carpets on a regular basis with this method, we prolong the life of your carpet. This happens because the grit from the base of the pile,which causes carpets to wear out, is extracted. Hot water extraction methods’ success in the last few years is due to the machines used. They are now much more powerful. As a result, not only your carpets are cleaner and healthier but also the drying time is much faster.

Our deep steam carpet cleaning technicians have the combination of industry-leading cleaning technology and knowledge as well as expertise provided by continuous outstanding training. The carpets at your property will be left looking brand new after our deep steam carpet cleaning service. So,it is up to you to make a choice and have brilliantly clean carpets, which will make your home cosy for a long time.




Carpet Steam cleaning prices
Single Room£18
Double Room£23
Dining Room£20
Lounge(Living Room)£27
Through Lounge£38
Hallway/Corridor £15
Stairs£1,50 per step
Commercial cleaning (m²)from £1,20

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