Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning London

MVIR Cleaning provides a service in cleaning curtains and shades using curtain cleaning Londonthe most well-known steaming method. We use completely harmless products that freshen up your curtains and make your home a cosy place.

Our professional cleaners have specialised machines that can remove various pollutants, soil, bacteria, mites, dust, etc.

Your curtains need to be cleaned even when someone in the household has allergies. If you or one of your family members has hay fever, allergies, eczema, itchy skin or a blocked-up nose, you must make completely sure that your curtains, mattresses, carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture are clean, because otherwise there is a risk of very nasty allergic diseases and health problems.

Curtains, shades and fabric blinds are often neglected when it’s time to do a thorough clean. The difficulty of doing a good job often deters people from even making a start on this chore. However, MVIR Cleaning knows how to care for and clean curtains, shades and fabric blinds according to their individual properties. Our many years of experience have made us confident that we can handle any situation.


  1. We wash them without taking them down from the rail
  2. We apply a suitable detergent that breaks down dirt and attracts dust
  3. We use the power of steam to disinfect the material by spreading a equal amount of the detergents to all parts curtain cleaning purleyof the curtain
  4. We wait for a few minutes to let the detergent do its job
  5. We suck out the moisture and dirt using a powerful vacuum machine
  6. We apply a scented freshener
  7. We leave them almost dry, and they’ll be fully dry in a few hours

Even if they’re top-of-the-range, our favourite curtains lose eventually their beauty. Over time, curtains and blinds of any type absorb dust and unpleasant smells. Keeping your curtains in an immaculate condition isn’t that hard if you entrust their cleaning to MVIR Cleaning. Trust us and your curtains and blinds will always be clean, pleasantly scented and great-looking. In this way, the curtains in your home will have a pleasing and fresh appearance and will look as good as new for much longer.


Curtain Cleaning Price
Full lenght – Up to 2.5m high and 4 meters widefrom £30
Half lenght – Up to 1.5m high and 4 meters widefrom £20
Window Blind£7

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