Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services

Hiring us to clean your oven has multiple benefits. As professional cleaning company, Mvir Cleaning always guarantees the quality of the cleaning services and great results. The cleaning professionals will make sure that no harmful bacteria and dirt are left inside or outside your oven and it is properly cleaned.

The Benefits of Hiring Oven Cleaning Professionals

A neglected oven has quite an unpleasant look. The food residue sticks on the oven walls and it is really hard for people to remove it on their own. Mvir Cleaning experts know what kind of detergents should be used to make the cleaning process successful without harming the ovens top layers. All the cleaning products used by the company are eco-friendly, so they are not harmful for people and pets who live in the house.

Additionally, they ensure that the oven looks and smells like new both inside and outside before leaving, which means taking out all the shelves, linings and trays and cleaning them separately. The oven door requires special attention because of the residue accumulated there over the time. The door seals and bulbs also require cleaning along with the glass. The process may include rust removal if any. When everything is clean, the experts place the trays, shelves, and linings back to their places.

How often to use the oven cleaning services?

Just like any other kitchen appliances, the oven also need to be regularly maintained to ensure the health of everyone in the house. This will also guarantee the longer life of your oven and its efficient work. Home owners should schedule regular oven cleanings to keep the oven in perfect look and functionality.

Mvir Cleaning provides people with the opportunity to take advantage of their visit and complete a bunch of cleaning services. During their visit, besides the oven cleaning, the cleaning experts can perform also carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. depending on your needs.

Why the oven should be cleaned regularly?

The regular maintenance of the oven is important to ensure the good health of everyone who is in the house. Otherwise, the oven can become a place where harmful bacteria and other contaminants may live and contaminate the food. The oven cleaning services provided by Mvir Cleaning are affordable and effective for ensuring your house total cleanness.

Why Mvir Cleaning?

Our company is established with the goal to provide people with top quality and safe cleaning services. We work every day including the weekends, which means that people can hire us in the most convenient time for them. We provide reasonable prices and great services. We continue to grow and develop further in order to provide the clients with the best choice of cleaning services. That is why oven cleaning is now introduced to the loyal Mvir clients as a new service we start to provide. It will help you make your kitchen perfect. We guarantee the best possible results and 100% customer satisfaction.

Along with the oven cleaning in the private houses, we offer commercial cleaning of ovens in the restaurants, eateries, bakeries, schools and other public facilities. If you are about to get inspection, Mvir Cleaning is the best solution that will relieve the stress. Thanks to our professional oven cleaning services, you will pass any cleanness inspection.

Our non-harmful and non-toxic cleaning products are effective enough to provide best possible results. They dissolve fast without leaving any residue on the surface. We are concerned about our clients’ health and we know that many of them have asthma or allergies that can be worsened by chemicals. That is why, we chose to work with products that fit all, even the babies and pets along with people with different health conditions. Our cleaning solutions do not harm the environment as well and are completely safe.

What the process of oven cleaning includes?

Regardless of your oven brand, you can expect from the Mvir professionals that they can clean your oven perfectly. They have experience with many different brands of ovens and use eco-friendly cleaning substances to achieve amazing results. No toxic fumes will leave in your house after the process of cleaning, so you can have a total peace of mind regarding the health of your family.

During their visit, the Mvir cleaning experts will start a thorough cleaning of the oven. Unlike some other cleaning companies that may give just a superficial once-over to your oven, we put our efforts to get your oven actually clean. This includes deep cleaning and spotless results.

To start with, we remove all the components from the oven. These includes trays, fan plates, racks, and bulb covers. Each of these items is separately cleaned to ensure that no surface is missed in your oven during the process of cleaning.

To prevent any contamination of the food that the customer is going to cook in the oven after the cleaning process, the cleaning experts thoroughly remove the cleaning solutions used. This thorough cleaning guarantees that your oven will look brand-new both outside and inside. This is a perfect option not only to those, who would like to maintain cleanness in their house, but also to those who would like to sell their oven to replace it with another model. After such professional cleaning, they will be able to take a better price for it.

We also offer cleaning of commercial ovens as well, which can be quite challenging for people to clean themselves. However, our experts are well equipped to handle any kind of challenges and to provide perfect results. Regardless of the oven’s size, Mvir Cleaning has the needed capacity and expertise to complete the work flawlessly.

What is the result of our oven cleaning?

Our clients can expect that their regularly cleaned and well maintained ovens will work at the best performance. You can schedule our cleaning specialists at any day of the week as we don’t have days off. Ensure that your kitchen appliance serves you at the best efficiency possible for years to come.

Single Ovens£55
Double Ovens£75
Single Door Range Oven£75
Twin Door Range Ovenfrom £85
Three Door Range Ovenfrom £95
Four Door Range Ovenfrom £115
Aga’s & Rayburns£150
Standard Hob £15
Larger Hob£25
Extractor £15
Microwaves £15

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