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Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services

After a tiring day of work, you probably like to settle comfortably on the couch in your living room with a drink in hand and upholstery cleaningwatch your favourite TV show or indulge in pleasant talks with your family. But did you know that the daily use of the furniture in your home results in the continuous accumulation of dirt and dust deep inside the material? Therefore, the more you use them, the bigger part of your free time you have to spend in carpet and upholstery cleaning. And everyone knows this is not such an easy job to do. How can you deal with this issue and at the same time save efforts, money and time? The answer is simple and it is the professional upholstery steam cleaner of MVIR Cleaning. You can also take advantage of our special carpet and upholstery cleaning package.

Our company has been in the cleaning business long enough to know the best methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning, have the ability to apply them professionally and also offer them at competitive prices. Such combination is very rare to find in London. Our upholstery steam cleaner team uses selected equipment tools which allow impeccable fulfilment of the carpet and upholstery cleaning service. Our operatives’ competence and experience in the field also make our maintenance services the best you can get in the area.

Soft furniture gives personality to your home. The placement, colour and shape of armchairs, stools and sofas are the distinctive features of your residence. They could even be compared to fingerprints, because they are unique! Make sure this exceptionally important part of your home is always clean and has vivid colours and fresh scent. Call MVIR Cleaning today and our upholstery steam cleaner will get your furniture cleaned up quickly, thoroughly and also at exclusive prices.

Extraction, or upholstery steam cleaner, is the preferred method of cleaning highly soiled textile surfaces and removing dirt that has penetrated deep into the material. If upholstered furniture is washed with an extractor, it can be used the very same day – 4 to 8 hours after the cleaning.

How does our upholstery steam cleaner team clean soft furniture?

When cleaning furniture with fabric-covered surfaces, we carry out the following important steps:

  • We remove the dust from the upholstery using a vacuum cleaner;upholstery cleaner
  • We apply as much detergent onto the fabric-covered surfaces as is necessary depending on  how dirty they are;
  • We clean by hand the parts that are difficult to reach with the machine;
  • We suck out the detergent from the upholstery using an extractor and rinse it several times;
  • We dry the material using a powerful vacuum machine and then apply a scented freshener.  

What types of upholstery can we wash?

Our upholstery steam cleaner technicians can cope successfully with all kinds of upholstered furniture no matter what their fabric is. So you can trust us with all carpet and upholstery cleaning situations at home.

Why should you choose our upholstery steam cleaner for the furniture in your home?

You should pick our upholstery steam cleaner or our combined carpet and uphholstery cleaning services because you deserve the best service and should have properly washed soft furniture in your home. MVIR Cleaning’s team guarantees that after just one visit to your home, we will become the preferred cleaning company in London for you and your family.

So, whenever you are in need of thorough maintenance in your home such as carpet and upholstery cleaning and innovative professional methods like upholstery steam cleaner, we welcome you to choose the most successful combination of high quality, efficiency and reasonable pricing.



Upholstery Cleaning
Dinning chairs£8
Two seated sofa£30
Three seated sofa£40
Four or five seated sofafrom £55
Office Chair£7

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